Adjustable Hanging Weight Penis Stretcher with One Metal Ball

Adjustable Hanging Weight Penis Stretcher with One Metal Ball

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Use Constant Tension To Your Advantage

Penis Enlargement via hanging increases penis length and girth by stretching, it assists the body's natural ability to develop and change under physical influence. If you subject your penis to constant stretching the cells will start to divide and multiply, this increases tissue mass.

Using weights for penis enlargement is the oldest existing method. Evidence dating back to Egyptian dynasty days exists, where ancient Pharaohs hung weights from their penis for days on end in order to make them larger and this practice continues throughout the world today!

By applying a constant tension to the penis, the tissue in the penis is gently stretched. The suspensory ligament, corpus cavernosum and the rest of the penile tissue cells are stimulated and naturally go to work on rebuilding the cell tissue in it’s new - LARGER state. This growth occurs due to the reaction capacity of the tissues to undergo cellular multiplication when they are subjected to a continuous force. Such tension creates a reaction of adaptation at the structural levels of the tissue’s components of the penis. This increase in cellular multiplication translates to an increase in the total number of cells, thus a PERMANENT increase in the LENGTH and GIRTH of the penis is achieved, in both the erect and flaccid state.


  • Adjustable Nylon string with weighted ball for pleasurable tugging sensations during wear
  • Ball size weighing 6 ounces
  • Wear around your cock or cock and balls to experiment with weighted play
  • Results may vary


Package List
1 x Ring-pull with Weighted Ball

Material: Nylon, Metal
Weight: 6 oz