Metal Pinwheel
Metal Pinwheel
Metal Pinwheel

Metal Pinwheel

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  • Essential for any fetish, medical or sensation play
  • Delivers pleasure or pain the choice is yours!
  • The classic nerve stimulator
  • 20 sharp stainless steel pins on each wheel
  • Teases, tortments, and keeps you or your partner wanting more
  • Creates a variety of sensations with slight differences in pressure
  • Could play with it on any sensitive part of your body
  • A Wartenberg Wheels are a BDSM and Sensory Play must have item



This versatile pinwheel’s, formally called the Wartenberg wheel. A "must have" for anyone into fetish, medical, or sensation play. The pinwheel can. be used in a variety of ways. Sensations range from a gentle tickle to a harder prickle depending how much force you apply when rolling over the skin - it need not cause any damage and can be a surprisingly sensual toy. It features a 7" long handle that holds a spur-like wheel.



Material: Metal
Length: 7''
Packaging: White Cardboard Box