In-Line II Anal Douche
In-Line II Anal Douche
In-Line II Anal Douche
In-Line II Anal Douche

In-Line II Anal Douche

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Clean Bottoms with This Douche

Anal Sex can be so much fun, Gay or Straight, men or women. But sometimes we need to be sure that the anal cavity is clean and empty that's where the Anal Douch comes in use lots of water-based lubricant for comfort.

Using The Anal Douche

This Anal Douch is easy to use simply have a water supply ( Dish or Bowl ) fill with warm water NOT HOT put one end into the water supply you will know what end to put in and the other end will slip gently up your lubed bum and squeeze the bulb and you will feel the water going into your body when you feel full stand up and you can walk around but when you feel the urge to go sit down on the toilet and let nature take its course repeat this several times till the water runs clear Simple.

Ps: the best place to be for this is in the Bathroom.

Care and Cleaning

When you anal fun is over clean the In-Line Anal Douche with a sex toy cleaner from honeypleasures, then rinse with clean soapy water and rinse off with clean running water store in a safe place away from little fingers and ready for the next time you are looking for some anal fun.

Product Features:

  • In-Line bulb accelerator is a higginson syringe one-way pump.
  • This bulb and nozzle combo sends liquid from one end submerged in liquid to the other end fitted with a tapered nozzle.
  • The nozzle may be inserted into the rectum or into another device, such as Cleanstream inflatable butt plug, double bulb bardex-style, or a bag drip system.
  • Inserting the In-Line accelerator into another device gives extra control to pump liquid in a steady stream.
  • Slim nozzle 2.3 inches long by 5/16 inch wide
  • Approx. Measurements: total length: approx. 28 inches; Anal tip: approx. 2.25 inches in length and approx. .25 inches in diameter.
  • Bulb 2" diameter, 3" length

Product Specifications:
Material: Rubber